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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Reality shows im excited for the summer

So pretty much im watching bravo all summer....for the most part.

so they just finished filming the real housewives of new york's reunion and im sooo excited,i want to see new comer Jules stand up for herself to Bethenny like she did in last nights episode at the dinner.I didn't think i would like Dorinda,but she is growing on me,surprisingly her and Ramona's friendship is on the rocks due to her over sensitivity of peoples views of her friends realistic views of her relationship.So far Jules has the most interesting story line with her eating disorder and pending divorce.I would love to see her next season!As usual Carole is a snooze fest bully,and Sonja of course not sure why shes still on the show but im glad shes there.Ex room mate Luann is currently engaged after another world wind romance with a guy many of her friends have recently banged.Bethenny is dealing with fibroids and id staying true to her dramatic snappy attitude.

Ohh....the shahs of sunset.Where do i even begin?
ok so Mike who i was in love with and very surprised when he married Jessica,are now in the middle of a divorce that made news 6 months after being married.Mike allegedly cheated on  her and she has proof.Mj is dating a new yorker who her mom of course doesnt approve and her moms overbearing opinion is hindering her relationship.GG is dealing with chronic arthritis is coming to light and is seeking treatment for it and none of her cast mates believe the severity of it.Reza is happily married after surprising his finance with a wedding because wether he was ready or not didn't matter.Asa's butt is getting bigger by the season is just making money with her family (goals) and new comer i forgot his name is just hot and a bachelor.Typical.

Ill be very honest.This show is getting sleazier and more fake with every season .I barely watched.I've been catching it on demand.I don't like yung joc.

ok so mimi is dating a girl (big surprise),k michelle was there for a hot minute.Karly red (dating lyfe jenning and fucking scrapp deleon) can never like a guy who is available and is finally posing for playboy now that no one is checking for playboy.Joseline is playing tricks on everyone that don't work and they're all unbothered.Stevie j exposes their fake marriage after being upset at seeing jos with rick ross which is clearly a fake plot.  I literally just googled 'bubble gum song' to find this person and jason derulo popped up then some other people,then her but Rasheeda is running a clothing store with family and her fake plot cheating husband's daughter is trying to her rap career off the ground.Tommie,Scrapp,and Tiarra love triange saga continues and tiarra seems to move on but with an ugly dude named KD,if she wanted Scrapp to feel secure that shes not going anywhere this dude is the one to do it.Kd has a stripper doctor miami assembly line body and im sure they're apartment where they film and relationship is fake but we'll go with it.Back to tommie.Her body is nice.Not sure if its real at this point lol but shes getting into unnecessary fights left and right for a nigga that is not worth it.It's honestly sad to see.Scrapp is going to prison for 5 years for a small amount of weed because of course the judge did not care thats its wasting tax payers money.Im not sure why joc is still on the show and lil scrappy is irrelevant as ever along with bambi and theres also a transgender D. Smith who can never get her point across correctly. I thought she was going to bring some fresh air to the show but fell flat.she came with a friend Betty idol...Who got into an avoidable fight with wacka flocka's wife tammy who i lost respect for after shaking her boobs at d smith as a jab that she'll never be a woman.Boobs dont make the woman dumbass.Tammy and wocka are working on their marriage....Theres too many people for a show to be this lifeless.

The OC is messy as ever and i would like people to stand up for Shannon more and just be real i general.I still really don't like Tamra and her tight mouth,but hey,what are we gonna do?lol.Im also excited for Kelly and her interesting story with her tried to divorce husband,he is overly controlling as she admitted and i like that hes older so people would think he's her sugar daddy,but she's really been the bread winner.I know her and Meghan's friendship is really just a surface hi and bye because Meghan didn't know something as simple as Kelly being married to a man she tried to divorce,i mean come on,so obvious.I mean,i know the show has a history of bringing on women who act they were best friends before and would be a good fit,but this match up was just lazy.Also Meghan is trying for a baby with her former baseball pro husband.I cannot wait for Heather's home to be finished.Soooo many details and expensive cabinets.Also Vicky the o.g. is trying to come to terms with her ex leaving her due to the women on the show and get back into good graces with the other women even bringing in old faces like Jeana in the opening episode.

Last but not least,Southern Charm.Although the season is over,I still feel the same as i did last season.I love naive Kathryn and hate Landon.When will she leave the show?Seriously.The show is a complete contradictory.They really try these outdated tactics like 'slut shaming' Kathryn for having a child out of wedlock twice (like anyone cares about that anymore) with Thomas.When they should really be looking at a man who is in his 50's having a mid life crisis leading a young girl on and the world into thinking he's really about that dad,husband,settled down life.Just stop.The reunion was hard to watch seeing that as usual craig was the only person to have Kathryn's back while her lame ex sat back and watched.Cameron is a complete snooze fest grasping for some sort of story line.While Shep is still living off of his forever inheritance,he did open a bar,that always empty.Whitney is wack and his mom is still full of herself.which she shouldnt be.Craig still hasn't taken the bar but is in a commited relationship with an old acquaintance,but doesn't really have steady work besides the show.

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