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             Hey...So my name is Irma Jean Chinyere Ogazi.I'm 24,and was born March 8th (pisces) in Omaha,Ne.My mom is African American (Louisiana) and my dad is Nigerian (Imo state) you mix that negro with that jk jk. I went to central high school and dropped out when i was 16 because of bullying and no help from teachers,i ended up getting my GED after failed homeschool attempts.I started doing Youtube (seriously) in april of 2015 by doing story time videos and reviews because i was in a bad place and needed an outlet due to my lack of emotional support.I was not an avid watcher of youtube so when i made videos i didn't know certain things were 'in' or this is how you get views and this and that.I thought the way you grow your channel was by talking about makeup so i would post my reviews on . I would post whenever i could and bought a few cameras that i couldn't afford.
         When i was 16 i met a man at a bus stop by the name of Art Yancey and we started dating,he spoiled me for a while,so i made a video called my 'sugar baby experience at 16'.To be honest it was more of a 'spoiled girl friend experience'.Sugar dating is so different than what i thought it was.My relationship on my end was organic,though his intentions weren't.There was no 'pot dates', agreements,or a certain amount allotted to me.We did typical things like dinner,movies,hanging out,we barely talked on the phone just saw each other,it was really simple.

    After i posted the video i honestly thought nothing of it,mind you i never really watched youtube before i started posting so i didn't know that was something people were using as click bait or way to gain subscribers,so i was surprised when the video hit 10k views in the first week and i only had like 60 subscribers,it was the first video to get the 301+ back that was a thing.I was really thrown off my the amount of hate i was getting daily,from people calling me a whore and a gold digger,when he was the one who approached me,and he was the one dating a 16 year old girl.NO ONE blamed him at all.So i went on to make a 'sex work' playlist where i could give people more of an insight on sex work and how you don't have to be ignorant about something you passionately hate.All of this started because of serious hate on a video.

     At this point my channel is honestly where i want it to be.I do youtuber gossip videos,blogs,story times,financial advice and stopped making sex work videos on my main channel and started a whole new channel on the subject because it deserves it.I'm extremely transparent and didn't know i was until every other comment was that i was.Im not big on social media and if i want to make a living doing it i need to work on that.

   Now I'm Just a girl who hates settling down and is telling my truth through various outlets hoping people can find some sort of relief in my grief and not make the same mistakes i did,and if they do at least have some sort of a warning,like i did not.

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