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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

beautycon dallas look+deets

lipstick/eye shawow is lime crime 'salem'/venus 2
dress is nasty gal

Thursday, March 10, 2016

favorite songs out rn bishh

tbt pics just cuz

at the austin bridge these are from the vlog 'boob sweat' i had so much fun and i hung out with the guy today actually.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

a bit about me (sugar daddies,youtube,me stuff)

        Hey...So my name is Irma Jean Chinyere Ogazi.I'm 24,and was born March 8th (pisces) in Omaha,Ne.My mom is African American (Louisiana) and my dad is Nigerian (Imo state). I went to central high school and dropped out when i was 16 because of bullying and no help from teachers and ended up getting my GED after failed homeschool attempts.I started doing Youtube (seriously) in april of 2015 by doing story time videos and reviews because i was in a bad place and needed an outlet due to my lack of emotional support.I was not an avid watcher of youtube so when i made videos i didn't know certain things were 'in' or this is how you get views and this and that.I thought the way you grow your channel was buy talking about makeup so i would post my reviews on . I would post whenever i could and bought a few cameras that i couldn't afford.
         When i was 16 i met a man at a bus stop by the name of Art Yancey and we started dating,he spoiled me for a while,so i made a video called my 'sugar baby experience at 16'.To be honest it was more of a 'spoiled girl friend experience'.Sugar dating is so different than what i thought it was.My relationship on my end was organic,not his intentions.There was no 'pot dates',or agreements,or a certain amount allotted to me.We did typical things like dinner,movies,hanging out,we barely talked on the phone just saw each other,it was really simple.

    After i posted the video i honestly thought nothing of it,mind you i never watched youtube before i started posting so i didn't know that was something people were using as click bait or way to gain subscribers,so i was surprised when the video hit 10k views in the first week and i only had like 60 subscribers,it was the first video to get the 301+ back that was a thing.I was really thrown off my the amount of hate i was getting daily,from people calling me a whore and a gold digger,when he was the one who approached me,and he was the one dating a 16 year old girl.NO ONE blamed him at all.So i went on to make a 'sex work' playlist where i could give people more of an insight on sex work and how you don't have to be ignorant about something you passionately hate.All of this started because of serious hate on a video.

     Now my channel is honestly where i want it to be.I do youtuber gossip videos,blogs,story times,financial advice and stopped making sex work videos on my main channel and started a whole new channel on the subject because it deserves it.I'm extremely transparent and didn't know i was until every other comment was that i was.Im not big on social media and if i want to make a living doing it i need to work on that.

   Now I'm Just a girl who hates settling down and is telling my truth through various outlets hoping people can find some sort of relief in my grief and not make the same mistakes i did,and if they do at least have a warning.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

today is my birthday !!

i need to retake a photo in this shirt so bad!i'll retire it when I'm 30.married or not.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


 i will be at dallas beauty con on march 19! very excited.this is my first youtube even so i hope i have fun and will see everyone there! 11 am

Why Putting yourself first is soo important

There are so many reasons why this is obvious,but many people don’t do it.Including me.
why you should.
  • typically,no one is going to care for your needs like you will
  • its you.
  • you’re no help to other people if you can’t get your self together first.
which…was my case.
for example.
My ‘close’ family has financial issues.How would i fix that?by a naive hopes that by them saying,’this is it!its all i need and ill be out of the blue’ was actually true.It wasn’t.things actually would sink further.because when your in a financial mess,you have no room for mistakes.and since they were getting out easy it was easy to do that.
an example of that.
i remember it was 2010 or mom needed $95 to get a secured credit card.i know it sounds shady but it’s a real thing.i met an older man and he would pay me to hang out with me.i didn’t have a stable job and either did my mother but she was living with me in my apartment at the palms on westheimer,and we were struggling to even eat.i knew that the credit card would have like 2 or $300 on it when it would get here.So the man had given me $100 to play pool with him and i did.when i got home i told my mom i was so excited and gave her the money.
the next day she had been gone all day,she didn’t have a car so riding the bus took all day to run errands.when she walked in.she has like 6 pizzas from cicis…i thought it was free.
it don’t even cross my mind that she would buy pizza with my struggle money lol.
she said they were having a deal it was like 6 pizzas for $30 or something like that. it still hadn’t clicked that she spent it…so i asked, ‘ok did you put the deposit on your credit card?’.she said no because i needed  bus was $10 for the day and i only had $90 i was short.
i started yelling.

i was so upset.

i just didn’t understand i asked.and yelled more.where is the logic?
she really didn’t get it then gave me my change which was $20,nothing was adding up.

so my point of the story is this.take care of yourself first.its not being selfish.its actually helping those around you who need you.
i believed in what she wanted and what it do for us,so i gave her my last.
and  that wasn’t my first time or was a slight see,i could have gotten that credit card myself.i was 18 and had no credit which isn’t good,and my moms was we were in the same boat.i ended up getting a card with them later.but my first credit card was a secured one with capital one.but i wasn’t thinking of my self or seeing any potential.i should have taken it into my own hands instead of putting it in hers.
of course i have more knowledge now on and everything is so different.i tell her what she’s needs to do with her money and how to spend it.why?because she still asks for hundreds of dollars monthly.but i don’t feel like the world is going to end if i say no anymore.i tell her to figure it out,especially when she makes a frivolous large purchase that she cant afford.
now theres consequences for mistakes and before i would fix the mistake.

Why my insta is the way it is

I have to work really hard online to get noticed,even in the myspace days,but surprisingly youtube has been the most exposure,most rewarding,and less self advertising ive ever had to do.I’m pretty ‘new’ to being anything on social media,and i actually enjoyed chiming in every once and a while,but as times go on and you grow and so are situations around you.Things aren’t as fun as they used to be…so I decided to make things fun again by revamping everything.As i sit here typing 10 request notifications have popped and there are about 400 sitting in there now.I closed the gram at the beginning of the year because no one was really following me.I would put it on private and accept people but they just want to be nosey,so they unfollow right away.Ive had my instagram for 4 years now and up until the summer had like 170 followers,its at 707 and when i reopen it a February,it will most likely be 1300,if i keep it closed but i haven't been able to.Why do i care about this?Well companies do apparently.
One of my goals of 2016 is to make a living off of social media,so now i have to actually care about social media and start promoting myself.Which i am really bad at.I landed my first sponsorship 2 weeks ago and 3 more have followed since then.
So i have taken a few steps to change things.
1.put my instagram on private
2.take better pictures
3.pick my theme
4.delete terrible unflattering unnecessary pictures

i will reopen it on february 1st or the last day of january

Break Down during a test

yesterday i had to do testing placement since im a new school.
i started crying during the test.It was so weird.
I couldn’t even focus.I have so many issues Im scared to tackle.Im constantly wondering why the hell did those things happen.It was all so unnecessary.Im so scared of having children,i don’t want them to experience any of the hurt that happened out of my moms control and mine.
No one saw me and it was weird crying like it was figuring out a math problem but i was tearing up,and it was coming down constantly.That’s why i need therapy.It helps to be truthful and write things out so Im taking the first step.It just sucks to be at the grocery store picking up grapes and hating yourself literally out of nowhere and the feeling is lingering.My body is sore from mental pain and im finally figuring what all of this is and it’s not normal even though it is for me.

Gay Guys are my Steez

what is my deal??its either young guys or gay gaydar is soooo off.and even when i find out there gay… the feelings are so great that it doesn’t bother me when he wants to date.Im not into the flamboyant ones,i like the ones who are just…aren’t.Like the guy who was stating with my brother we had such a good time together and i felt so comfortable around him.We could be around each other all day and not get tired or feel the need to entertain one another.Another issue, the song say it by tory lanez reminds me of him and idk why!!! oh wait its because the first time i heard it i was on my way to dallas and when i came upstairs he was the first person i saw.
a few things to understand or note before you judge me
-he would meet me down stairs to help with bags to being upstairs without me asking
-he was a great cuddler
-i haven’t dated anyone in 7 months.
-he would pay for stuff even if he was broke and it wasn’t awkward,we could go in on stuff to get what we want and i miss that.
-he kept me smiling
-i actually had something to look forward to coming to dallas to do all these out patient visits
but with the good comes the bad,he was still in love with his ex girlfriend from 10 years ago,he kept throwing the word love too much he was asking me to marry him which is very annoying and i was willing to over look the fact that hes over the situation because hes gone and couldnt stand up for himself but still im alone again even if it’s from the gay guy i could never be with.

Update on Study

so i posted a video about doing a clinical study.ok first off,i honestly forget to keep certain things private,im very transparent and i didnt know that,but the more videos i post,the more im seeing and hearing you all that i am,so i didnt think people would think its too good to be true or that i was harming myself. i saw some of the comments and i was like whaaa?? but either rate heres my update.
i went into the study in dallas on monday dec.28 and left thursday morning around 8:30 and have had a few out patients,no side effects what so ever.the study was a migraine shot. they gave us 3 shots at the same time in the same area on different spots.mine was on my thigh.i had some soreness from the shot because a needle was in my thigh far as money goes i opted for direct deposit so my money was there on tuesday was $1650,i get paid again at the end of the month another $1000 something.
at first i thought about being more private but im a bad lier and it would show in my videos because i would have to keep retracting myself,im already not that great at speaking already.

january 4th 10,000 subscriber mile stone

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.39.12 PM
11:20 pm
was great,i hit a mile stone on finally out of the 4 digits lol.i think its because it took so long im not as excited as some others would be. im more excited for whos already here.anyone that takes interest in my channel and stays are honestly unique individuals and should be treated as doesnt bother me people say all you have is ## amount of subbies?! not at i always say its quality over quantity and i think thats the big secret on of the high lights of the week is this

Involuntary Celibacy

ugh…ok  i haven’t met anyone.NOT EVEN FOR A SECOND.someone to be interested in,not even in the slightest.Not even to hold a conversation with.IN THE LAST 7 MONTHS.not in the grocery store,the library,school,apartments,neighborhood,walking around…i havent even met anyone online,not that ive been trying but you know.i just dont know whats going on.i honestly think its this weight gain.when i was thin,i literally couldnt keep dudes away,now that im thicker,its not the same.i think i look great though.for some women a little wight gain looks great.but maybe i wasnt meant to be this size?i honestly think it makes me look older than i am.there are so many things that need to be fixed about me…wight and hair could be a huge start.
ill keep it real with you all.i havent been intimate,well i havent had sex with anyone since may,i also haven’t met anyone worth having sex with.
the only option i have is my brothers 32 friend who is hard on times and is sleeping on my brothers couch until he gets his life together and im visiting for a week here.we get along great and he has tried to sleep with me and a few weeks ago actually tried to convince me to marry him.but he’s slept with my brother a few times and that a no go.hes also nigerian and you guys know how i feel about them,but he different than a lot of them but in a good/bad way.but we get along great and honestly if he hadn’t fucked my brother,i probably would’ve fucked him.

TBT new years 2012

new years 2012…so much has changed! and for the better,i was dating the ghetto loser ex, and pretty much living with him.he was an asshole back then but got better,way better.he was so horrible that i when he was amazing i couldnt get past how he treated me and was also upset at myself for letting him back into my life knowing were not together as of may and havent talked since,except when he gave me some money to fix the phone his sister broke. now im single,and nothing like that will ever happen to me again.the relationship was convenient and  i couldnt wait to get out of it.and also i posted this on dec.31 im not sure why its saying jan 1st…

lets actually keep our new years resolutions!

1.fix my credit (to a 700)
2.triple my income
3.get a more reasonable car
4.engage my subscribers on youtube more so they’ll keep coming back
5.get 45,000 subscribers by the end of 2016
6.have clear skin
7.make a post on my blog every single day
8.get my mom out of debt
9.lose 40 lbs. and tone up immensely up $5000 in my safe
11.make a real living off of social media
12.make an actual friend
13.update my diary regularly
14.get healthy hair,i may go natural we’ll see.
15.get lumineers,i dont like my gaps that much
I’ve actually already started on most of them and just want them to come to life in 2016.i know theres a typical eye roll when someone says ‘new year,new me’,but whats wrong with that? sometimes it takes a whole new set of times,dates,and days to get a whole new mind feels refreshing and feels like a fresh start even though its literally just another day,the world/time doesn’t stop for January 1st.we will see by the end of this year how i did,i will scratch them off as i go.
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