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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

MY DRAMA:Laura changed her username to 'boss lady'

If your just tuning in,a few weeks ago i wrote a post about a woman named Ovetta who i haven't seen or spoken to in 10+ years,i did't say about who she was or what happened.A week later i receive a message on youtube from her daughter.Mind you all not only have i not seen her mother since i was a kid,but i have never met this daughter only heard of her,and talked on the phone once.I was living in nebraska at the time and she has always been in some part of new york.

this is what she wrote

at first i thought she was a viewer that was upset about me talking about my mo because i have gotten a couple comments like that,so i misread it.I also NEVER THOUGHT that a woman in her 30's that has never met me and i hasn't spoken to since i was 11? message me in general a week after talking about her mother.What does that say about her?I have gone on with my life,and she is still checking for me a decade + later.How?Her mom would show up at my school uninvited and one day the school had to ask her to leave.I had to act like i liked her before that.As soon as i made a facebook she messaged me saying her mom was an old friend of her dads and wouldnt say who she was.When i found who she was i simpy asked is this Ovetta daughter?she deleted her facebook.I gave her info i shouldn't have but i was 16 at the time and I didn't know her intentions.

here are pictures of our convo from 2009 when i first started a facebook at 16 to 2012

after some time it hit me who this anonymous person literally years later...and when she got all the info she needed from me she deleted me and now keeps up with all my social media but calls me a lonely loser??

so i made a post here  about how they have been stalking me and my family for years,which her mom has convinced her to do.This whole issue is because she allowed my dad to use her for years and because of this she mirrored her frustrations on us.She was honestly a monster.Me and my brother are still dealing with the trauma UNTIL THIS DAY. I did respond to her but when i blocked her I could not reply to her but she could still respond to me.So i unblocked her and i still couldnt respond.I was still receiving emails and cursed her out accordingly.She is extremely defensive and starts bring up things from my child hood to demean me.Then calls me a 'nobody with no friends'.

If im all these things why are you keeping such close tabs on me?I posted her links since i could not reply directed and im not sure what happened but she has all new user names since our encounter.Im going to look through my email to see if i can find her comments.

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