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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why my insta is the way it is

I have to work really hard online to get noticed,even in the myspace days,but surprisingly youtube has been the most exposure,most rewarding,and less self advertising ive ever had to do.I’m pretty ‘new’ to being anything on social media,and i actually enjoyed chiming in every once and a while,but as times go on and you grow and so are situations around you.Things aren’t as fun as they used to be…so I decided to make things fun again by revamping everything.As i sit here typing 10 request notifications have popped and there are about 400 sitting in there now.I closed the gram at the beginning of the year because no one was really following me.I would put it on private and accept people but they just want to be nosey,so they unfollow right away.Ive had my instagram for 4 years now and up until the summer had like 170 followers,its at 707 and when i reopen it a February,it will most likely be 1300,if i keep it closed but i haven't been able to.Why do i care about this?Well companies do apparently.
One of my goals of 2016 is to make a living off of social media,so now i have to actually care about social media and start promoting myself.Which i am really bad at.I landed my first sponsorship 2 weeks ago and 3 more have followed since then.
So i have taken a few steps to change things.
1.put my instagram on private
2.take better pictures
3.pick my theme
4.delete terrible unflattering unnecessary pictures

i will reopen it on february 1st or the last day of january

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