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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Involuntary Celibacy

ugh…ok  i haven’t met anyone.NOT EVEN FOR A SECOND.someone to be interested in,not even in the slightest.Not even to hold a conversation with.IN THE LAST 7 MONTHS.not in the grocery store,the library,school,apartments,neighborhood,walking around…i havent even met anyone online,not that ive been trying but you know.i just dont know whats going on.i honestly think its this weight gain.when i was thin,i literally couldnt keep dudes away,now that im thicker,its not the same.i think i look great though.for some women a little wight gain looks great.but maybe i wasnt meant to be this size?i honestly think it makes me look older than i am.there are so many things that need to be fixed about me…wight and hair could be a huge start.
ill keep it real with you all.i havent been intimate,well i havent had sex with anyone since may,i also haven’t met anyone worth having sex with.
the only option i have is my brothers 32 friend who is hard on times and is sleeping on my brothers couch until he gets his life together and im visiting for a week here.we get along great and he has tried to sleep with me and a few weeks ago actually tried to convince me to marry him.but he’s slept with my brother a few times and that a no go.hes also nigerian and you guys know how i feel about them,but he different than a lot of them but in a good/bad way.but we get along great and honestly if he hadn’t fucked my brother,i probably would’ve fucked him.

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