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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Break Down during a test

yesterday i had to do testing placement since im a new school.
i started crying during the test.It was so weird.
I couldn’t even focus.I have so many issues Im scared to tackle.Im constantly wondering why the hell did those things happen.It was all so unnecessary.Im so scared of having children,i don’t want them to experience any of the hurt that happened out of my moms control and mine.
No one saw me and it was weird crying like it was figuring out a math problem but i was tearing up,and it was coming down constantly.That’s why i need therapy.It helps to be truthful and write things out so Im taking the first step.It just sucks to be at the grocery store picking up grapes and hating yourself literally out of nowhere and the feeling is lingering.My body is sore from mental pain and im finally figuring what all of this is and it’s not normal even though it is for me.

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