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Friday, May 27, 2016

Social Anxiety is a bitch.

I have no idea,whats going on with me,but i think i've gotten it figured out.When ever Im out in large crowd i get really uncomfortable.So uncomfortable that i get sad and overwhelmed it actually affects my breathing.Shopping typically makes me really happy,well online shopping.But large crowds make me ancy and impatient, i want people to walk faster,i get annoyed when people when kids run into me,or seeing kids who are walking in front of me stop literally to do something that they think is funny just for laughs that disrupts me walking to my destination.Typical things like that don't really bother people i guess?I also have to take into account that sometimes i go on weekends (bad idea) and i will be there for 4 or 5 hours which for me is just a bad combination.I could never out my finger on it,but a few subscribers called it anxiety and they have the same issue.Some other people suggested natural supplements so im going to look into it.I've never really been a fan of taking things to control the way i feel or to stop 'pain' or what have you,i don't even have an addictive personality.Im just bad with keeping up with things like that and don't want to become dependent on something like that.well see how this goes

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