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Monday, June 20, 2016

A few things to remember when your discouraged/stressed

If you honestly can't do anything  about it.stop worrying.let it go,and let it be.

For example a bill that due or past due.

You don't have enough money to even make a partial payment,no one will lend or give it to you,your not getting paid this week and you can't get a loan.

let go,and let it be.Worrying will not pay your bills.I repeat.Worrying will not pay your bills.Only your actual actions toward paying it will.

There is a huge difference between ignoring the severity of the situation and letting go.

Sometimes i get discouraged,mainly when something is becoming redundant or if i'm around negative people.

One way i steer around it is remembering my goals that are set.I also understand that people will find any reason to dislike you and keep it that way.That them.You are you.

Just because things aren't going your way doesn't mean to lose hope,just because it seems like things never go your way,doesn't mean to lose hope.

Find something that motivates you,find something that makes you happy not temporarily,and keep going.Keep your eyes and mind open to many things.Something can come out of nowhere and change your life and you have been walking past it all along.

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